“We tried the sample and it’s great! I’d like to order some for the studio when you have in stock!”


“Zelania is the go to grip for me. Grips gloriously but also allows me to spin beautifully! 100% back this product. Thank you Zelania, you are a lifesaver!!!”


“I’m so impressed! Usually I need different gripes for my body and my hands but this works for both.”


“When working hard, especially in the summer months, things can get a bit sweaty! Zelania liquid chalk makes all the difference and allows you to push harder without the fear of losing grip.”


“I had a go with it during classes! Loved how chalky it felt. I was nervous it would leave a lot of residue but there wasn’t any really, so I was super chuffed!”


“We sampled some grip at our studio and it was hit! Great for sweaty hands and really helped our students out! The samples ran out so fast as everyone loved them!”


“Fantastic grip for sweaty hands, a little goes a long way. Consistency is great too!”


“I was given a sample of your product to use at my studio.
I love it! The consistency is great and it offers a great grip for my skin type.”


“I’ve been through a lot of grips through the years of pole. This grip is up there with my favourites. Not a single slip was had. This is going to be my go-to grip.”


“Love this grip! Best one I have come across to date! Definitely going to stock this at Limitless Studio!”


“We tried one of the samples and it certainly was great! Loved the consistency and it felt great on the pole too!”


“I love supporting NZ businesses and this product gives you grip without making your hands feel dry.”


“Zelania Active has provided me with an epic grip solution. Often I struggle to find a grip that lasts and doesn’t feel icky on my skin but Zelania has provided a solution that pushes through both the hot and cold pole days!”


“Love the consistency! A small amount lasts quite long, didn’t need to apply more for some time.”


“I tried it during teaching and it lasted the entire hour!
One of the best grip aids I’ve used!!!”


“The Ultimate Grip from Zelania Active is great! Its consistency is light and it is non-sticky. It gives very good grip!”


“I tried Zelania at my pole studio. I applied it at the beginning of a heels pole dance class and it lasted the whole time. There was no need to re-apply, my hands still had so much grip at the end of class!”


“I got a sample of The Ultimate Grip. I tried it and I love it!
I also like that it is vegan and cruelty free.”


“I like to have a few different grips on me because my body reacts so differently depending on the day, how I’m feeling etc… but this grip is great for those really humid muggy days where my body just seems to let all the moisture out of my body.


“We got few samples of The Ultimate Grip. We love it and our students too! It works very well for sweaty hands!


“I have been using The Ultimate Grip for a while now and I love it! It has a great consistency and it is easy to apply.


“It works well with my skin. I have great training sessions with this grip. Love it!


“I tried The Ultimate Grip and honestly is great! You don’t need a lot. Your hands won’t get chalky but you do get a lot of grip from this liquid chalk!


“I like this grip very much! It has a nice, softer texture, which is lovely since it’s super dry where I live.