Zelania Active is first New Zealand’s premier producer of world-class grip product – The Ultimate Grip. Our dedication and expertise in producing exquisite liquid chalk product is born out of years of innovation and experience, and a drive to grow one of the world’s most wanted grip aid.


At Zelania Active, our team is dedicated to providing the ultimate solution for your active needs. In a marketplace saturated with multiple brands and promises, we saw a need for superlative and prestigious active products that deliver on their promise. Highly functional solutions inspired by motion and engineered to be sustainable.


We were born from a love of motion and a personal desire to provide products which are highly functional and sustainable to help achieve your goals.

Zelania Active wasn’t created because we needed yet another brand; it was created because we needed one that delivers premium quality and is environmentally conscious. Our mission didn’t stop there though.


We strive to create a community where people can learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, self-awareness and having the best grip on life. We believe that all active people, deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their own body motion. Our products are designed to move with you and are sourced from sustainable solutions to leave a low carbon footprint. It is also important for us to create real relationships with our partners / customers and understand their passions, what they want to grip and help them celebrate their goals. 


We care about our Planet and we believe when you feel confident, you will radiate beauty and perform at your best. The world then becomes a better place because at Zelania Active we believe in empowering confidence through motion. This is the Zelania Active difference.

Our fundamental values are quality, honesty and excellence. We enjoy the lives we lead. Our one-year goals frequently become today’s realities because we link our goals with our vision. We are a purpose-driven brand and our values guide us in all that we do – from our business strategy and innovation, to how we connect and build our strong culture.