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meet The all new anti-oxidant collection from Zelania


Advanced Night Crème


Coupled with emerald Kiwifruit high in Vitamin C content, Boysenberries and blackcurrant, this luxuriant buttercream melts instantly into the skin for instantaneous nourishing dual-action.  



Delicate Eye Gel Crème


Providing an immediate lifting sensation to the eye’s delicate skin area Eye Gel Creme helps to fortify and volumise the skin’s natural elasticity.



Active Day Crème


This dual action SPF formulation has been designed to boost skin radiance and protect the skin from harmful UV rays in daily life.


The FUTURE of natural skincare

Zelven+® is our uniquely developed bio-active superfruit complex containing a powerful combination of more than 7 clinically proven superfruit extracts. Each of our creams also contain dozens of other powerful naturally derived ingredients designed to reduce the effects of aging and restore your healthy skin.


We worked tirelessly to produce New Zealand’s finest skincare using the most premium natural ingredients available. Our commitment to using high-performance ingredients at their scientifically proven effective levels makes us especially unique.


Most of the ingredients we use have undergone independent clinical trials and show proven results in reducing trans-epidermal water loss, increasing skin elasticity and firmness while also decreasing redness and darkness.